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Theoretical Blind Date: Energy and People


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.05.07Tackling complex issues of how we solve social and environmental energy problems, Theoretical Blind Date presents three competing theories hoping to win the heart of a policymaker, a solar power entrepreneur, and a fuel poverty activist. With Cilla in the driving seat, will these be happy matches?

Watch the teaser-trailer…

This piece was developed by Dr Tom Hargreaves for a second/third year undergraduate module on Energy and People, in the School of Environmental Sciences, UEA. This 2014 performance features Tom Hargreaves, Helen Pallett, Irene Lorenzoni, Gill Seyfang and Noel Longhurst.Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.06.11

Later in the module, once the students have really grasped all the different theories, they get to finish the dating show properly, with a video postcard of each couple on their date to remind them of who is dating who… and then the students work through how well they think the characters got on – did that theory really have all the answers to that policymaker’s problem? Students script and perform the ‘reporting back’ part of the dating show, highlighting where the characters got on well, and where there were irreconcilable differences…

Here’s the full length professional video of our 2017 performance (55 mins): (with an edited highlights version to follow)


Here’s a highlights video from a previous performance – not such good video or sound quality, but you get the idea!


Highlights video (12 minutes)