It’s official: Theoretical Theatre is an effective way to engage members of the public of all ages in debates about sustainability!


In October 2016 Tom Hargreaves and Gill Seyfang took to the public stage and performed Swipe Right for Sustainability, as part of the Environment Day of Norwich Science Festival. The aim was to engage people in thinking about what sustainability might look like – a high-tech green business-led future, or a localised, thrifty self-sufficient vision instead?


The mixed audience consisted of lots of children of all ages and adults visiting the festival, and we were hoping to draw (and keep!) a crowd as we launched into our show. It was exciting and challenging, to connect with such a varied audience and it really helped us develop our performance skills! We performed the show twice, and felt that we managed to entertain and inform the crowds, and we really enjoyed taking the ‘teaching’ out of the University.


We got a great reaction from the crowd and will definitely start to think of Theoretical Theatre as a tool for public engagement, as well as classroom teaching.