Gill Seyfang’s presentation at the  Higher Education Academy’s Social Sciences conference, December 3-4, 2015 was memorable for two main reasons: it marked the official launch of this website, and also it was immortalised as a cartoon by ace graphic artist Simon Heath!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.44.15Working as conference artist, Simon’s artworks captured several of the talks and brought to life their lessons for inspiring and innovative teaching. Here is his illustration of Gill’s talk, where she demonstrated the value of comedy performance by showing trailers for two theoretical theatre performances, and discussed how to go about it – including ditching the script, training in performance skills, and developing a character. Bet you can’t work out why that’s shown as a viking though…

Conference blogger Leoarna Mathias had this to say about the day’s talks, and picked Dame Edna’s glasses as one of her highlights (and why not?!)

Simon can be contacted at or tweet me @SimonHeath1.